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The Tour


The Nagle Mansion was designed and built as the most expensive home in the west at $50,000. The ornate hand carved ceilings and stairs only begin the adventure.  Our photo tour will give you an idea of the Duchess of Cheyenne.

At different times of the year the mansion is open for public tours.  Private tours of the mansion upon availability of schedule.  We encourage educational groups and schools and will arrange a special tour with our curator. To schedule a tour of the property, please contact us.

Our Manor Entry

Entry to the Duchess is like no other in the world. The lavish interior feature a one-of-a-kind in the world leather carved ceiling by Frank Meanea, Frank was the famous saddle maker who did holsters, saddles and for the Wild Bill Hickock, Bill Cody Wild West Show, President Roosevelt, and many famous people of the day. The stairwell takes you from the main floor to the second and third floors. Rich cherry wood adorned with delicately hand crafted designs and European bronzes by Italian artists encased within give antique lovers a real treat. In addition, plush carpeting and beautiful stained glass make each trip upstairs a true treasure. The carved woodwork throughout the home was created by German master carpinter, Anton "Toney" Schaeffer.



The formal Parlor for over a hundred years has been a place for social gatherings. Guests like Buffalo Bill Cody, President Roosevelt and Taft, Bill Kid, George Hearst, General John Pershing and many others have been entertained in this spacious room.

The original one-of-a-kind iron, brass, and copper fireplace from Edinburgh Scotland is the centerpiece. We have two Christian Charles Eisele's 1898 memorial painting of Black Kettle welcoming Sitting Bull and his Utah Scape as a gift to Brigadier General George "Jake" Randall, still in place since 1906. Other pieces such as the mantle clock are original to the home.


Sitting Parlor

The gentile parlor features a beautiful and rare 1872 Weber Baroque grand piano and is the focal point. This same piano graces Queen Elizabeth’s castle in Balmoral and one of the few survivors outside of museums. Sage green and white floral wallpaper gracefully compliments the original inlaid wood floor. The second one-of-a-kind brass fireplace centers this room, This was the wives parlor where they entertained so many of their friends and our Victoria is cranked up and ready to play ragtime.


Yes, this is one of those "If Walls Could Talk" rooms.  


What was originally a green Turkish styled pool room is now Burgundy wallpaper with soft stripes is a nice compliment to the inlaid wood floor, while beautiful original stained glass windows provide a warming touch to this room. The volumes of law books of Judge Lacey, attorney for Tom Horn, line the wall. The trial didn't turn out well but the books are interesting. Curl up on the soft comfortable chairs in front of the fireplace for a relaxing moment. Several original painting adorn the walls. "Nagle Mansion Watercolor" is a particular favorite.


Main Dining Room

Very little has changed in this room. The epitome of elegance: ornate, golden wallpaper with complimentary wainscoting of Golden Oak provides a classic background for breakfast, teas or dinners. Stained glass windows create both a festive and warm atmosphere as rich gold and red tones shimmer through with Cheyenne’s frequent sunlight.

As then Secretary of War Taft sat in the formal parlor looking into the dining room to see if the meal was ready, a large special chair was head of the table to accommodate his "stature". 

Original paintings surround our guests and a new one is featured monthly. 


Second Floor Landing

The Manor's second floor landing offers our guests a corridor to the four family rooms.  As you ascend to the top, you are greeted with the bronze statue "Jockey " by artist Isidore Bonheur in 1889, Above the bronze hangs an the original 1840 "The Horse Shoer" however not by Edwin Landseer but his brother, Thomas Landseer, known for copies of his brother's works. There is a great story behind this.

The ceiling is part of the Frank Meanea original leather. The clusters of poinsettias cover you with golden hue as you cross to your room. 

The Tower

Feel like royalty when you view Cheyenne from the tower on the third floor. Set up as a plush, luxurious reading room, you may find yourself totally distracted from even the most interesting novel by the beauty surrounding you. Sturdy rattan furniture adds a garden-like splendor to the room. Five softly draped windows allow you to control the lighting. A separate door to the balcony allows you a great view of the stars at night!

20230126_172914 (1).jpg

Tower Library

Our tower library is comfortably set for those moments to curl up and check out the history selection of the town and Wyoming. Grab a drink from the guest fridge, sit in the rocker and read a book or better yet, write one.  One of our two guest getaways and a favorite spot during the evenings.

Tower balcony 2

Tower Balcony

This may well be one of the grandest points of the manor. The outer balcony view surveys over a mile south and is a great view point to watch "Big Boy 4041" come home and the happenings of Cheyenne Days.  A favorite spot to people watch, because you can't really be seen.  The story goes that Taft, General Randall, and Cody were sitting here one evening smoking cigars in 1906   Yellowstone had been made a park back in 1872 but Taft needed Cody's help to protect it.

Tower balcony Nagle Mansion

The Ladies & Gentlemen of 17th Street
Conference Rooms

Our two conference rooms located are on the lower level of the mansion. Based on the history of the house and Cheyenne, each room is themed. In honor of the amazing men and women who lived here and their achievements. These were not ordinary men who tamed a frontier and neither were the women, they were Wyoming women, very different. From the Carnegie Library to the first woman governor in the United States, These Cheyenne 17th Street ladies set the course of civilization in the west.

Fitness Center

It is said after our chef's breakfast, guests are thankful for our workout room. With all the pleasures afforded you at the Duchess, keeping in shape is not forgotten. This small, yet fully equipped exercise room gives you every option,

A multi-purpose machine allows you to exercise all muscle groups while aerobic enthusiasts will want to try out the new treadmill, cross trainer or bicycle. We even have the weights.

wo room croped 4.jpg

Cellar Art Gallery

A very private guest Athegither tucked away in the cellar where we feature a very special collection of paintings and rare alcoholic beverages.
Four times a year we change the artist to be featured in this exclusive showing.
This is one of the secrets to the mansion...

Patio Garden 

Our Patio Garden is for our guest's relaxation and to enjoy the many flowers throughout the seasons. Mrs. Randall's Mother-Daughter Teas are also served here in pleasant weather. Abundant florals surround the patio as spring and summer sun brings the warmth. Guests enjoy the evenings in the cool breezes.

Our Garden Spa

A privately situated hot tub makes evenings a pleasure at the Nagle Warren Mansion. Or spend the afternoon over tea or coffee in the garden. Discover western gardening at its best!

Spa Reopening Soon

hot tub vert ht0002_edited.jpg
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