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Night at the Duchess

Sunday thru Thursday Night
Check-in - 4:00pm
Oscar & Friends on Patio - 4:45pm
Breakfast - 9:00am

Checkout - 11:00am

Friday & Saturday Night
Check-in - 4:00pm
Oscar & Friends on Patio - 4:45pm
Breakfast - 9:00am

Checkout - 11:00am

The Duchess of Cheyenne

Located in the historic downtown district of Cheyenne, The Duchess is a historic home, not a hotel, where we invite guests to experience and partake of a lifestyle long gone. As an adult only accommodation, we are able to display art and artifacts for our guest's enjoyment. Much of this mansion is original and is designed for 1880s living including the first bathrooms in Cheyenne.  You may well be sleeping in the same room as General John Pershing or Buffalo Bill Cody.

Experience Elegant Wild West Victorian 


Restored to the original elegance, you will experience the hospitality this home was built for.  

Our 12 unique guest rooms are divided evenly between the Mansion and the Carriage House.

Set in 1900 era, they feature period-authentic furniture faithfully capturing the Victorian West. 

Every room features modern amenities even the Dreamers of Seventeenth Street couldn't dream of

We are an adult (18 and older) only property. No animals of any kind are allowed.

  • Private period-themed bathrooms

  • Landline Telephone

  • Wifi Access

  • Roku Streaming

  • Individual room temperature control

You'll also enjoy our central air conditioning. The Cheyenne summer still gets every bit as hot as in Victorian times! Business travelers will appreciate the in-room WiFi.​ Please refer to our Policies page for more information.

What is it like staying at the Duchess?

Does the Manor have all the modern conveniences?
Depends on how you define modern conveniences. Yes, for 1888 it did.  As a historic property the restoration has kept all the original bathrooms, fixtures, plumbing, and much is as it was.  For our guests we have added conveniences to assist in your stay and contact to the modern world. 

Is this like a hotel & what are your cleaning standards?
No it is not like a hotel.  This is a family mansion in which you are a guest.  It is much like a home, although we offer our guests snacks, drinks, and treats throughout the day.  It's more like being at a family home but more fun.  Our housekeeping staff assures all the CDC required standards for the safety and comfort of our guests are met and surpassed. 

Do you allow children under 18 or animals?
In the past the mansion allowed children and pets as overnight guests.  During 2021 and 2022, a very expensive restoration occurred and for the present time we are not accepting children under 18 or any type of animal, including dog, cats, and alligators. 

How quiet are the rooms?
The manor is built with a brick interior skeleton, like the state capitol. The rooms are quiet but they are not modern insulated.  President Taft had a loud snore and was the only guest known to have seriously breached the night silence.

How private are the rooms?
Each of our rooms are designed for two people and are private both in the manor and coach house. 

Do you offer alternative dietary requirements in your cuisine?
Yes.  When you make your reservation and upon your arrival, inform the staff of any special requirement you have. Our cuisine is from scratch and fresh each morning, so we can accommodate requests based on food availability.

Do you raise prices during Cheyenne Days?
Yes, for three reasons.  CFD is a historic celebration that this home was a great part of since the beginning. During the event special menus are created for both breakfast, the evening guest hours and additional guest exclusive mansion events.   

Is the Manor haunted?
We get asked this a lot!  The home is 132 years old and has witnessed much history.  We know, but telling you won't be any fun.  This you must experience for yourself. If you dance in the parlor after midnight, it gets a little crowded.

Victorian couple dancing
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