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Main House


2nd Floor

The Warren's
Senator Francis and Clara

The mansion's corner Master Bedroom. second floor and the southeast corner of the Mansion. The Warren features a luxury motif of burgundy, mauve, gold, and green. A King Bed awaits you with the original bath and shower, walk-in closet with lockable pass thru to Cosgriff, and our guest amenities

The Nagle's
Erasmus and Emma

The mansion's second Master Bedroom. Second floor and the southwest corner. The Nagle features floral designs with a Queen bedroom set originally owned by a governor of Wyoming, The bath and shower/tub, closet and clothes pantry are original as is the portrait tiled sitting fireplace. We have selected our guest amenities for your enjoyment. This was Mrs. Nagle's favorite room. General Pershing and his son Warren would stay in this room on their visits to the grandparents.

The Randall's
General George and Emily

A bit elegantly rough and ready just like the general.. Brown, gold, and burgundy accents the room. This was the family guestroom and has been occupied by Bill Cody for a short period and Secretary of War Taft, later president. As the general would have had, we offer a king bed suite with golden chairs. An original small bathroom with tub/shower and in-room sink. Also features closet, desk, and our guestroom amenities.

The Cosgriff's
T.J. "Tom" & Rose

TJ Cosgriff was the wealthiest man in Wyoming and the Vice-President of the Cheyenne Club. Rose Martin Cosgriff was reported to be the most beautiful lady in Cheyenne and our light green florals reflect her spirit. Originally designed to be the nursery, it was only used by the Cosgriff's a short time and was the room where President Taft stayed. Graced with a King wicker bed suite, the step down bathroom offers a soaking tub but no shower,  Our guestroom also features a large closet, desk, and our guestroom amenities.

3rd Floor

Sarah & Richard 

Originally the quarters for the head butler, Joseph Carter and his wife.  Years later Sara and Richard Sullivan would grow up here. We've been told it was a loved room. The smaller room in gold and pale green with dormer ceiling features a Queen bed, large walk-in closet, large bath with soak tub/shower and dressing area.  

The Sullivan's
Don and Barbara

A wisp of playful fantasy in the tower. Pale greens lighten up the mood of walking to third floor.  The original staff quarters features dormer ceilings, canopy bed, fainting couch, dresser and desk. Antique in-room sink and small bathroom with tub/shower. 

The Adventurer

The lair of the creator.  Jim's room or referred to as the Peacock room is unique to the mansion. Reflections of man who created NWM and his amazing life traveling the world. Features a California King, large wardrobe, small bathroom with tub/shower.

Room is currently unavailable.

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