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Our Story

Really it's "Her" story

Saving the Elegance of the Duchess 

Jim Osterfoss

In 1996 Mr. Jim Osterfoss created the Nagle Warren Mansion Bed and Breakfast. For twenty seven years the mansion established and enjoyed a high reputation for personal guest service. This wasn't just an inn, it was Jim's home and everyone that entered was his guest.  From the beginning, following buying the home from Don Sullivan, he began a crazy ambitious dream.  To turn the mansion back into the luxury it had been built for. Wallpapers imported from Europe, a complete remodel of rooms and creating rooms in the coach house with a connecting breezeway. What he created kept the historic integrity and spent therest of his life devoted to guests and fans of the Nagle Warren Mansion Bed and Breakfast. 


The mansion sadly closed in November of 2019 and Jim passed in January of 2021. Unsure of the future, the mansion became for sale. In June of 2021, professional innkeeper Jas Barbe and the Osterfoss family realized how important the mansion is to Cheyenne and it's traditions and thus began a 9 month restoration. The new era of the Duchess will bring changes but the heart of Cheyenne is still here.


As the mansion reopens to the public, the staff of the Duchess is proud to carry on the tradition of gracious Wyoming hospitality set by Jim. 

Today at the Duchess

Jas Barbe  39 S.jpg

The Innkeeper

Innkeeper and chef Jas Barbe is proud to present the Nagle Warren Mansion "The Duchess of Cheyenne" for her new era.  After a year of extensive loving renovation and decorating in 2021-22, she is once again ready to host one and all.


Jas has spent much of his career in the hospitality industry as a noted award winning chef and boutique hotel management specialist in Europe and North America. In the last twelve years he has been a consultant and management to many top B&B's and resorts in the U.S.  He began in 1970 with a little resort and partners in a buffalo herd in Centennial, Wyoming. In 1973 he left to begin a 40 year European culinary and hotel career, from cowboy to executive chef.  he has returned to Cheyenne to bring his culinary, hospitality skills, and knowledge to secure the Nagle Warren Mansion for the people of Wyoming. 

Jas Barbe  10 S.jpg

If you think the Victorian Era was dull,

think again

Duchess Staff

Our guest staff are career professionals dedicated to making your adventure at the Duchess one to remember.  From the Housekeepers, Butlers, Mansion Secretaries, Curator, Assistant Innkeeper, and Innkeeper our goal is to share a grand experience with our old and new guests.  

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