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Coach House


Pershing Room

General John J. and his son Warren stayed in the house almost every summer between 1920 and 1930.  Our first floor room reflects his life including the original paintings of his childhood home in Missouri.  Rich reds and golds set the tones for a luxurious feel along with the coziness of the fireplace. Relax in the soak tub or take a moment on your own patio before you repose in your King Bed.

Taft Room
President W.M. Taft

Mute golds, mauve, and dark wood accents this tribute to Bill Taft. A rather large man and the reason for a King Bed, it is said Mrs. Randall only had to announce dinner once.  In honoring his visits, the first floor room is set around the fireplace with comfortable seating and a private patio.  The larger bathroom features a soaker tub and our luxury guest amenities. Through the French door you will find your own sitting patio.

The Y Girls
YWCA Residents

To honor the 50 year history of the YWCA, our Y Girl room reflects the many young women that live here and began their lives.  The floral lavender and light gold room motif, with it's warming fireplace, is also our first floor A.D.A. room.  It features a large bathroom with roll-in shower and tub. The room features a large poster King Bed and side tables. A rear entrance from the patio allows to access direct from your room and all of our guest amenities.

Teddy's Nook
President Roosevelt

Our Teddy is a 2 room suite on the second floor, with separate sitting room and bedroom. Deep green and mauve set the mood for a presidential stay.  Above the King Bed is featured a stained glass skylight reflecting onto your own bedroom fireplace.

The bathroom features your own relaxing soak tub and we have the bubble bath and ducky for you.

Buffalo Bill's 
Col. Wm. F. Cody

What can you say about Buffalo Bill that hasn't been said. The second floor deep green room and period furniture makes you feel like he just walked out.  The Queen Bed is set to gaze into your mantled fireplace and for your pleasure, a large soak tub in the bath. Our guest amenities includes your own bath salts and rubber ducky.


George Nagle was the only child actually raised in the house prior to 1983. George was a world traveler, car racer by 1903, golfer, Treasurer to the Cheyenne Club and unique person. We have reflected some of his adventures in this second floor room.  George's is a floral green with matching fireplace tiles. Featuring a Queen Bed, dressing table and large soak tub in bath.  Along with our fine guest amenities, you will find this room private and quiet.

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