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Nagle Warren Mansion Timeline

Time line of the Nagle Warren Mansion from 1867 to becoming a B&B in 1997

Timeline Nagle Warren Mansion B&B

1867    Erasmus Nagle arrived in Cheyenne

1869    F.E. Warren arrived in Cheyenne, age 24

1871     F.W. Warren married Helen Maria Smith

1874     Erasmus Nagle married Emma Houseman

1876     George W. Nagle was born

1880     Helen Frances Warren was born

1884     Frederick Emroy Warren was born

1885     U.S. Marshalls office was moved off the mansion site to clear for building the mansion.  Building was moved to Governor Warren’s house to become annex of the executive mansion

1886     Erasmus Nagle began construction of the mansion

1888     Mansion was completed for a cost of $50,000 plus furnishing. Large open house was held on July 26, 1888

1890     Erasmus Nagle died of peritonitis, leaving the mansion to his wife, Emma, and son, George

1890    F.E. Warren was elected  first Governor of the State of Wyoming and the legislature chose him as Senator (served 37 years)

1902     Helen Maria Smith Warren died

1903     Helen Frances Warren graduated from Wellesly College, joined her father in Washington, D.C. and met Captain John J. Pershing

1905     Helen Frances Warren married Captain John J. Pershing

1906     Helen Elizabeth Pershing was born in Tokyo

1906     “Black Jack” Pershing was promoted to Brigadier General

1907     While owned by the Nagles, the house was occupied by General George Randall from 1907 - 1910

1908     Ann Orr Pershing was born in the Phillipines

1909     Frances Warren Pershing was born in Cheyenne

1910     Emma Nagle sold the mansion to F.E. Warren

1911     F.E. Warren married Clara LeBaron Morgan

1912     Mary Margaret Pershing was born in the Phillipines


1915    Helen Francis Pershing and the three girls perished in a fire at the Presidio, son Warren survived

1929    F.E. Warren died

1933     Clara Warren gave the YWCA the mansion fully furnished; furniture, curtains, art, china, silver, etc. for $5000 The carriage house was remodeled and became the Y Playhouse.

1960     The stone exterior of the mansion began to crumble and the YWCA covered the outer walls in stucco.  The stone front portico/porch was removed and a small porch and awning replaced it.

1985     Don and Barbara Sullivan purchased the home. They starter the renovation with the roof & gutters, refinishing the flooring 1&2, and kitchen.

1997     Jim Osterfoss purchased the home and turned it into a bed & breakfast.



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