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Nagle Warren Mansion Bed and Breakfast is a solid

exemptions from the world's many hotels stereotypes. House

owns and operates (Inn keeper), Jim Foss Otter (pictured), has a

extremely long and diverse hotel career behind him, and

he offers himself in a unique

Service. So house

and He in combination, a super match

who have given

mouth a sharp puff. And you should not let themselves

mislead to believe that B / B means that this is a simple

establishment, very far from it.

The house is located in Cheyenne, the state capital of Wyoming,

U.S. 9 largest state. A micro capital with just 60,000

residents in a state that otherwise perceived as almost


The construction of the railway to the west created the city,

and the railroad came kvegbaronene and cowboys - and


Jim Otter Foss purchased the dilapidated but beautiful building in

1997 and began a laborious and costly

recreation of the original structure. It was done with meticulous

perfectionism, detail clearly speak and

Queen Victoria would have felt at home here. The house is

over furnished, so fashion was 120 years ago. All furniture,

paintings, tapestries and all other interior is typical time without

mix of styles. In the main house and stables, six plus

six beautifully appointed rooms, as well as meeting rooms and

salons, all packed with antiques of all kinds.

Jim Otter Foss has experience in all sides of

hotel life.

Self-taught all the time, from when he started washing dishes

and went absolutely all ranks, until he eventually both drives and

owned hotels at the top level. For a time he owned and had

operational responsibility for three luxury hotels while in the posh

Vail ski resort.

- I hate the classic hotel manager role, he says

with a warm, wry smile. In economies is perhaps

inevitable, but now I dream role, it never

resting, absolute and all-encompassing role of host.

Jim even serves breakfast to its guests, who sit tight

catching up each other by an oval board, which, like a

luxury tourist lodge, where it is natural not to shake hands

each other and engage in small talk of a "where do you

come from "and so on. And breakfast is composed by

seasonal produce. The English customs belong to

Cheyenne history, so why Jim serves Afternoon Tea

every Friday and Saturday. And here offered packets Murder

Mystery Dinners, Fine Wine & Dine Dinners, etc.

Pelle Nilssen

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