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Furniture Emma Nagle Room

The history of the Furniture in the Emma Nagle Room

Furniture Emma



Jim, here's a random item for you. I believe that one of the sets of bedroom furniture in the upstairs of the Manson (at least used to be) was my mother and fathers when I grew up in Casper. They procured it from an estate sale of a former Governor of WY, though I need to check with my mom on which one. Wasn't sure if you knew that or not. If this is news to you, let me know and I'll check with my mom on which governor. It was a light colored wood bed frame that stands about 4 feet at the head of the bed.


Actually, the bed, commode, table, dressing stand, rocker, and the two straight back chairs were all a set. The double bed has been repaired. In the process we edited it into a queen size full length bed. Jim

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