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Nagle News Volume 12 #3 August 2009

Wine Glasses, Dixie Cups to Crystal; View From The balcony; Cheyenne Great Skin; Miss Gracie Morris Elopes With Hansom Family Coachman; InnTouch iPhone Application; Michael Martin Murphy Headlines Americana Music Weekend Labor Day 2009


A gathering of the West's BEST musicians, poets, artisans, storytellers, & vendors!  Join us for a fun and relaxing weekend.  We are including all of the ticketed events in a two-night package for only $310.00, 2 people per room plus tax for the great combination of Western & Blue Grass Festivals over LABOR DAY WEEKEND.

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CHEYENNE-- You wouldn't expect a town with near-constant wind, low humidity and temperatures below the U.S. average to be the country's best place for great skin, yet Cheyenne topped out a list of the 10 Best Skin Cities published today by

"Skin care is women's biggest concern," says Beth Mayall-Traglia, editor of, the leading web site offering beauty advice and unbiased beauty product reviews covering 40,000+ products.  "Our study goes beyond just "outing" bad skin cities, it draws national focus to the deadly skin sins: smoking, sun exposure, pollution.  So while you can't control the pollution level in your city, you can do something.  You can wear SPF, wear a hat, and stop smoking.  That's our aim here."

The editors at researched pollution levels, sunshine and humidity averages, skin cancer, smoking rates, and even tanning salons per capital to determine which U.S. cities had the most harmful skin conditions.  Each city had varying environmental and social conditions that led to a high susceptibility of sun damage, acne and/or premature aging.

Cheyenne came out on top, followed by San Francisco, Washington D.C., San Antonio and New York City.  Billings, Montana came in at number six, while the only other Western city on the list, Bismark, North Dakota, came in at number nine.

The worst skin city in America is Bakersfield, California, followed by Houston, Texas; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Las Vegas, Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona.


"Road-trip salvation. ... created this app to search for nearby guesthouses based on your GPS location in the U.S. (you can also search by city before you leave home).  Tapping a property brings up descriptions, inn-provided photos, price ranges, user reviews, video (for some properties), and those all-important "call" and "e-mail" buttons for contacting the inn directly."  They noted a good iPhone app is like a tool in a toolbox, when one works well, it's transformative!  And that's what they said about the bed and breakfast application, InnTouch designed and created by David Sakach and Chris Monahan at


We have all used a Dixie cup for drinking wine and enjoyed it.  So, what is the big deal about wine glasses?  The Dixie cup added a sense of class compared to passing the bottle.  The disadvantage of a regular shaped glass is that you really don't get the bouquet of the wine.  When we get to glasses that are made for drinking wine there are so many factors to consider, shape, size, balance, what type of glass, and elegance.  A good place to start if you don't have any wine glasses would be a very inexpensive set from Target or Walmart.  It would be nice if they were eight to twelve fluid ounces and in the general shape of stemmed wine glasses.,

The shape of the bowl of the glass does affect the taste.  A very round shape, referred to as a balloon, is used for red wine.  The tulip shaped glasses are used for white wines.  These basic shapes have developed by experience over many years to maximize the enjoyment of the red or white wines.  Can you tell the difference?  Yes.  The hole in the top should be large enough to allow your nose into the glass when you are taking a sip, and not much larger.  Put some wine in the glass, say 25% full, swirl it around, bring the glass up so that your nose is in the glass and slowly inhale once or twice.  You will get that wonderful bouquet.  Now take a sip.

Robin Day
Town & Country Liquor


The summer season is almost half over and the fruits and vegetables are showing up at the Farmers' Market on Depot Plaza.  May and June were cool and wet; July and August have been a little cooler than average and quite pleasant.

The guests during Cheyenne Frontier Days (CFD) were exceptionally delightful.  CFD set new attendance records.  The night show line-up featured the top Country Western stars.  The rodeo always attracts the top rodeo cowboys.  Look for the 210 night show line-up to start coming out in November.

We hosted the film crew from GardenSMART on PBS.  They filmed three segments here in Cheyenne that will air during the coming year; The Botanical Gardens, three gardens from the Master Gardeners' Tour, and the Arboretum at the High Plains Research Station  While we are on the subject of TV, remember to watch for the Tom Horn and Cattle Kate segments on the History Channel.  The Nagle interior is the background in some of the scenes.  Note:  We have received word that it will be airing as part of the Cowboys and Outlaws series.  Look for it from 9-11EST, on November 22, 29, and December 6.

Coming up soon is the Rib Fest 9/11-13 and the Greek Fest 9/18-19.  Our Afternoon Teas continue on Friday and Saturday afternoons by reservation.  Christmas Holiday Teas begin the day after Thanksgiving and run through the first weekend in January.  The Murder Mystery Dinners and Fine Wine and Dine dinners will start back after the summer recess.

Lavendar - Essentials for the Home and Body, has opened in the 300 block of West Lincolnway.  It's a cute little shop with very personable service.  There is definitely something happening at the Tivoli Building at Cary Avenue and Lincolnway.  There is some nice new woodwork going in.  It will be interesting to see what they will be doing in there.  The city should be finishing with the street-scape on Carey Avenue in front of the Tivoli soon.

The city also purchased the building at 17th and Warren Avenue, tore down the nondescript building and put in a parking lot.  It certainly decreased the parking congestion here in the neighborhood.  The West Lincolnway Beautification Project is underway.  The area along the railroad and West Lincolnway will receive a much-needed streetscape thanks to some stimulus money.

F.W. Warren Air Force Base is coming up on the 50th Anniversary of supporting the nation's defensive missle mission.,


The Democratic Leader
Cheyenne, Wyoming, Tuesday Morning, May 18, 1880

Miss Gracie Morse

Elopes with the Handsome
Family Coachman

And Causes a Great Flutter of

The Bride and Groom
Now in Hiding

New York, May 17 --- Society in Tarrytown was thrown into a flutter of excitement this evening by the announcement that Miss Gracie Morse, the eldest daughter of Rev. J.B. Morse, a niece of the late Commodore Vanderbilt, had eloped with the family coachman, George Winter.  Rev. Mr. Moore is a missionary preacher attached to Blackwells Island penitentiary.  The family has one of the most spacious and elegant residences in Tarrytown.  Miss Morse is now Mrs. Winter and is 22 years old, highly educated and attractive, and has been much courted.

Winter is 23 years of age.  During the absence of the family today they drove to North Tarrytown and were married, returning to the house intending to keep the matter a secret.  It became nosed about and they fled and are now supposed hiding in the town.  The family are very much angered and humiliated over the matter.

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